Your Need-to-Know Blurb About the Jeep Cherokee

Everyday errands are twice as annoying when you’re driving a car you don’t like. Ergo, it’s important to love your ride, which is where the Jeep Cherokee could come in. This SUV is a popular option in Russellville, AR because it does as well on highways as it does on rugged mountain trails and sandy beaches. When this Cherokee is described as all-terrain, they really mean any terrain.

Jeep Cherokees are notable for being accommodating with a spacious interior, but they are also loaded with extra cargo space. Slide and fold the rear seats for a bit more room for your stuff. Feeling chilly? Switch on the driver and front-passenger seat warmers.

The Jeep Cherokee is one you’ll have to test drive to really get the feel of how great it is. So, clear your schedule and head to Orr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to take one of our popular SUVs for a spin.

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