Make Your Dodge Durango Special with an Appearance Package

Chances are you want an SUV but are worried about it looking like every other SUV out on the road. That won't happen with the Dodge Durango. This popular mid-size SUV has several packages that will give your new vehicle a distinctive look and make you more comfortable in the process.

When you buy a Durango, you have your choice of three available packages: the Blacktop Package, the Brass Monkey Appearance Package, and the Anodized Aluminum Appearance Package. Each has features that will make onlookers turn their heads and wonder what kind of vehicle just passed.

The Blacktop Package gives you high gloss black aluminum wheels, gloss black badges and gloss black exterior mirrors. The Brass Monkey Appearance Package gives you Brass wheels and gloss black badges. The Anodized Platinum Packages has wheels with a satin carbon finish, black roof rails and platinum chrome exterior door handles.

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